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Copper Mountain Technologies develops innovative RF test and measurement solutions for engineers worldwide. Our development and applications support teams create solutions that enable RF and Microwave engineers to extend their reach through access to lab-grade instruments at affordable prices.  Our world-class metrology and engineering resources work as an extension of your team. Copper Mountain Technologies is based in Indianapolis, IN, with an R&D office and service center in Cyprus, and sales offices in Singapore, London, and Miami, and now in South Africa


USB vector network analyzer produces an RF stimulus signal which can be in the range of 9 kHz to 330 GHz. That signal can be applied to a Device Under Test (DUT) and the output of the DUT can be applied to a second port for analysis. In addition, any reflections from the input of the DUT which travel back to the source port can be analyzed as well. This is what differentiates the device from other test equipment – it is capable of separating signals traveling in two different directions on a transmission line and measuring them.


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