Vector Signal Generator 0.05 – 6 GHz +7 to -55 dBm


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Vector Signal Generator 0.05 – 6 GHz +7 to -55 dBm
Extended range 0.08 – 2.4 GHz +13 to -80 dBm.

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The VSG60A features a low phase noise, agile local oscillator with 200 µs switch time, enabling frequency hopping spread spectrum testing.

A dual 14-bit DAC runs at 2x or 3x the I/Q symbol rate using digital oversampling to provide a flat, clean baseband; and a digitally adjustable internal VCTCXO ensures frequency errors are kept to a minimum over temperature, or an external 10 MHz input may be used for zero ppm frequency error. A trigger output is also available to synchronize your VSG60A with other test equipment.


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